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Passbook Entry Machine model:BH180A image

User simply inserts the passbook, and the Passbook Entry Machine will do the rest.
This printer has a small footprint for lobby placement, and greatly reduces the tellers work.


Automatic Update of Passbook

Simply open the passbook to the printing page and insert it into the printer.
With the page turning option, the Passbook Entry Machine will automatically find the page and last line that was printed.

Guidance Panel

LED panel will notify the user of the printer status through the entire transaction.

Low Operating Cost

The Hitachi "Re-inking Mechanism" uses an ink tank within the ribbon cartridge, constantly re-inking the ribbon to extend the cartridge life. The long cartridge life reduces operating costs.

Safe Operation

The built in insert shutter ensures that other passbooks are not inserted while updating a passbook.

Passbook Entry Machine model:BH180A image

Additional Features (Passbook Issuing Function)

Optional passbook issuing feature for the BH180A
When a passbook is fully printed, a new passbook will be automatically issued.
Maximum capacity of 2 types of passbook, total of 40 passbooksThe built in insert shutter ensures that other passbooks are not inserted while updating a passbook.


Dimensions 410(W)x490(D)x220(H)mm
Weight Approx. 19kg
Printing method 24-pin impact dot matrix
Printing speed NLQ/HQ/HS : 120/180/240CPS (alphanumeric 12CPI, 180DPI)
Character pitch Alphanumeric : 10,12,12.9,13.1,13.3,13.8,14,15,16.4,17.1,18 CPI
Double-byte chars. : 5,6,6.5,6.6,6.7,6.9,7,7.5,8.2,8.6,9 CPI
Max. no. of characters 96 chars./line (Alphanumeric 12CPI)
Media feeding Horizontal insertion, friction feed
Media alignment Left/top edges (w/inserter guide)
Line feed pitch 3,5,6,8,120/n LPI
Printing media Passbook : horizontal/vertical passbooks
Max. no. of inner sheets : 5 (horizontal), 3 (vertical)
Ink ribbon Cartridge type, 13mm wide x 23m long, re-inking
Max. 4 million chars. (down to PCS 0.35)
Magnetic stripe ISO8484/IBM 210BPI, Hitachi 105BPI, IBM 75BPI horizontal Stripes
(dual density support available)
Page mark reader Horizontal/vertical bar codes
Passbook capture Backwards ejection function, w/o capture tray
Guidance panel With 7 LEDs, custom design available to order
Last line finder(A-S) At date column, PCS0.35 or greater
Automatic page turning Horizontal passbook only, forward/reverse turning
Stop finger shutter Inserter gate, automatically opens/closes by firmware
Interface RS-232C serial interface
Mains voltage 100-120, 200-240VAC (50/60Hz)
CPS : character per second, CPI : characters per inch, DPI : dot per inch
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