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Safety Sensors

Sensors that detect the presence of operators near hazardous machines of facilitates.
The lineup includes Scanners that use laser light for detection.

Safety Sensors List

There are 11 products of Safety Sensors.

F3SG-R Safety Light Curtain F3SG-R

New Standard of Safety Light Curtain, Offering Both Robustness and Reliability

F3W-MA Smart Muting Actuator F3W-MA

Integrated muting sensor based on multi-beam photoelectric sensor

F3SJ Series Safety Light Curtain F3SJ Series

Three versions available to meet your exact safety needs. All versions conform to the latest PLe/Safety Category 4 and SIL3 requirements.

F3SR-B Safety Light Curtain F3SR-B

For Safety Light Curtain Robust & Basic New Lineup. Understanding the Indicators at a Glance.

MS4800 Series Safety Light Curtain MS4800 Series

Safety Light Curtains with Durable, Impact-resistant Body and Long, 20-m Sensing Distance

E3ZS, E3FS Single-beam Safety Sensor E3ZS, E3FS

Detects Intrusions into Hazardous Areas with a Single Beam and Complies with International Safety Standards.

F39-TC5 Connector Terminal Box (Muting Terminals) F39-TC5

Significantly reduces amount of wiring between Safety Light Curtains and Muting Sensors.

F3SP-T01 Safety Terminal Relays (for F3SJ-A[][][][]P[][]) F3SP-T01

Simplifies wiring from Safety Light Curtains to the Safety Relay outputs.

OS32C Safety Laser Scanner OS32C

Compact (104.5 mm), lightweight (1.3 kg) and easy-to-install Safety Laser Scanner

UM, MC3 Safety Mat/Safety Mat Controller UM, MC3

New Safety Mat That Is Easy to Install and Maintain

SGE / SCC Safety Edge/Edge Controller SGE / SCC

Safety sensors to detect contacts by mounting to moving parts of hazards