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For Control Panel

A wide range of products are available for the purpose of sequence control to direct load switching, which will suit for various applications depending on the control method or environment inside of a panel.

For Control Panel List

There are 12 products of For Control Panel.

MY-GS Miniature Power Relays MY-GS

Mechanical Indicators Added as a Standard Feature to Our Best-selling MY General-purpose Relays

G2RV-SR Slim I/O Relay G2RV-SR

Our Value Design Products Increase the Value of Your Control Panels. Global standard size, low profile slim I/O relay with width 6.2 mm.

MY Miniature Power Relays MY

New Latching Levers for Circuit Checking Added to Our Best-selling MY General-purpose Relays

LY Bi-power Relays LY

Power-switching Compact General-purpose Relays

G2R-[]-S (S) General-purpose Relay G2R-[]-S (S)

Slim and Space-saving Power Plug-in Relay

G7T I/O Relay G7T

Slim-styled I/O Relay Saves Space in Panel

G2A Power Relay G2A

Highly Reliable, 4-pole Miniature Relay Ideal for Sequence Control

G2A-434 Power Relay G2A-434

Fully Sealed Version of G2A that Displays Its Power in Adverse Environments

G2AK Latching Relay G2AK

Magnetic Latching Version of G2A Ideal for Sequence Control

MK-S General-purpose Relays MK-S

New Super MK Relays. Models with Latching Lever Added to the Series.

MK-S(X) Power Relays MK-S(X)

MK-S-series Relays with DC-switching Models That Can Switch 220 VDC, 10 A (Resistive Load).

MM Power Relay MM

Stable Contact Reliability and Long Life

MMK Latching Relay MMK

Mechanically Latching Relays Based on the MM Power Relay