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Machine Automation Controllers

One Machine Control

The Industrial PC Platform is an integrated range of products designed for use in a variety of industrial applications that will benefit from advanced PC technology.

The Sysmac Studio provides an integrated development environment to set up, program, debug, and maintain NJ/NX-series Controllers and other Machine Automation Controllers, as well as EtherCAT slaves.

The next generation of Machine Interface. Bringing technology to life.

Enable creating high-speed, high-precision machines that are even safer.

Harmonised motor and machine control.

Vision Sensor designed for motion tracking

Compact and lighterweight displacement sensor

Contribute to shorter machine commissioning times and safe operation.

Realizes high-speed communication to match a variety of applications

EtherCAT junction slaves and connector products.EtherCAT junction slaves, Switching Hubs and Cabels.

Network Solutions for Control Automation Technology. Achieving "high-speed and high-precision" machine control through the world's highest level network solution.